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Dec 14, 2015

FDA Wants To Regulate Medical Lab Tests

The latest target for federal regulation is medical laboratory testing.  The FDA sees lab developed tests as the Wild West.  This situation requires the FDA to be in charge of evaluating medical lab tests for both safety and effectiveness.  Industry objections are met with liberal arguments that if the FDA does not regulate medical lab test, we might as well get rid of municipal health departments.

Some VA patients see government controlled medicine as a vast Stalinist gulag that can kill them with delays.  Why do liberals always assume that government is actually going to help?  Bureaucrats don't become saints in employee orientation.  They stay just as self-interested as they were before they became civil service employees. 

It amazes me that government is always looking for more responsibilities to take on, especially given their poor record at accomplishing most of the things they are already responsible for.  Perhaps we should have a moratorium on expanding government responsibility until all of the fraud and abuse everybody talks about is reduced by a measurable amount.

My argument is that we have gone past the point of diminishing returns with governmental regulation at the federal level.  I do not advocate dismantling the FDA, merely stopping its growth.  

There is a difference between snake oil purchased by individuals who can barely read and lab tests purchased by doctors for their patients.  Doctors are government licensed educated consumers who should be allowed to make decisions based on their own education and experience.   Since liberals want a change, they have the burden of proof.  They need to show some evidence that doctors are not qualified to judge lab tests and that large numbers of lab tests are misused with a huge casualty rate which is not controlled by personal injury lawsuits.  Or liberals can pretend "The Jungle" was written recently about current events, instead of in 1906.

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