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Dec 14, 2015

Naive Belief Government Will Care for Us

As usual, liberals use any shooting as an excuse to thump for gun control.  They accuse anyone who believes they have the right to armed self-defense of being corporate shills for the gun lobby, who want this entire country to arm up so you/they can turn dead bodies into profits.  They carry on like this even if the shooting was terrorists in France and California, both with very strict gun control.  It seems obvious to me that liberals have a hammer of a solution in gun control, and the whole world is a nail.

By liberal reasoning, liberals are just shills for a government that wants total power over our lives.  We are supposed to believe that the government will take care of us if we give up our own ability to take care of ourselves.

To believe government will take good care of us, you have to ignore how politics really works.  In Chicago, everyone knows if your neighborhood didn't vote right, Mayor Richard J. Daley wouldn't repair your streets and sidewalks.  This is still the rule in politics today.  The government seizes guns because then it can decide who gets police protection and who doesn't.  The government takes over health care so it can decide who gets treatment and who doesn't.  The government controls carbon dioxide emissions so it can decide who gets electricity and who does not.  The government already decides that left wing nonprofit groups get tax exemptions and right wing Tea Party groups do not. 

Imagine how many fewer people would have been hurt if two or three of the people in the room had been armed.  The Jihadi couple would have been shot dead before they could do much damage.  Gun free zones are target rich environments for terrorists and the insane.  They are a guarantee of no resistance.  Leftist gun control laws make sure all potential targets are totally defenseless.  This guarantees happy hunting for ISIS.

In Israel, terrorists are using knives or cars as weapons.  It's the hate, not the weapons.  

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