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Dec 6, 2015

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Fight ISIS

Lanny Davis, a Clinton supporter, wrote a fascinating article about how to fight ISIS recently.  (See link.)  In the article he explains that military force alone can’t defeat ISIS.  Mr. Davis then quotes Hillary saying, "We are in a contest of ideas against an ideology of hate and we have to win."  I couldn’t disagree more.  ISIS believes that their violent cause is commanded and aided by God.  Jihadists view military success as evidence of divine favor.  Quaker style gentle persuasion is not going to change the hearts and minds of ISIS fanatics.

The right way to fight ISIS is to remove their funding by destroying their ability to sell oil. The wrong way to fight ISIS is to forbid air attacks on oil trucks because the drivers might be civilians. The right way to fight ISIS is to strafe and bomb military convoys moving ISIS fighters and supplies on ISIS highways. The wrong way is to forbid air attacks on military convoys if any civilian human shields are sighted traveling with the convoys. The right way to fight ISIS is to bomb Improvised explosive device factories. The wrong way to fight ISIS is to avoid bombing improvised explosive device factories because ISIS locates them is civilian neighborhoods. The right way to fight ISIS is to make sure that the most effective allies we have on the ground, the Kurds, are very well supplied with whatever they need to push ISIS out of Northern Iraq and Norther Syria. The wrong way is to route all military aid through Baghdad, whose army is ISIS' major supplier of weapons when they abandon them and run away.

To sum up, the only way to defeat the rabid dogs of ISIS is to kill a lot of them and take their territory away from them, which will discourage their potential recruits. What the Obama - Clinton team has been doing is pretending to fight ISIS, giving the appearance that ISIS is easily beating the US. This attracts more recruits to commit more terrorism. It gives Jihadist elements world-wide the impression that the US is a paper tiger that can be easily vanquished.

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