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Picture 2

Jan 24, 2016

Violence Without Legal Opposition Leads to Vigilante Action

The breakdown of law and order in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve lead to widespread sexual assaults and robbery by roving mobs of Islamic immigrant men.  Police were unable to stop the crime spree.  If this kind of breakdown becomes common, people will resort to rougher methods of self-defense.  When law and order break down, people take the law into their own hands because they have no other choice.  This is called vigilantism.  Liberals give the word a pejorative connotation and then dismiss the possibility that anyone would even consider it.

The pejorative nature of "vigilantism" depends on how much history you know and where you grew up. In the gold fields of Montana in the 1860's, vigilante justice was the only kind available. The Civil War was raging back east, so nobody had time to send the agents of law and order to the gold fields.  In the fall of 1863, a band of outlaws killed about 100 miners. The leader of the outlaws was Sheriff Henry Plummer of Bannack, Montana. In January and February of 1864, the Vigilance Committee of Alder Gulch captured, tried and hanged about 25 members of the gang, including Plummer.

The numbers 3-7-77 have long been associated with Montana vigilantes. These numbers are on Montana State Police patches. When I lived there, they were also painted on the bottom of every Montana State Police car's front doors.

Liberals are so out of touch with reality that they have no idea what honest people will do if they have no other choice. Liberals assume people will not defend themselves, but they most certainly will.  If liberals continue to favor multiculturalism over law and order, they are going to find out that governing without protecting the governed is a good way to lose their consent and let lose the vigilantism they don’t consider an option. 

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