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Picture 2

Feb 14, 2016

Government: An Intollerable Monopoly if a Private Company

As a thought experiment, try thinking of the federal government as a private monopoly.  They control the services they offer and prevent any competition by outlawing it.  They set their prices, in this case taxes and fees, with minimal input from their customers.  They force you to buy their services, even if you don't want them or even need them.  Rich people who make "contributions" get lucrative contracts.  The monopoly's leaders say they are selfless saints doing good for the disadvantaged.  While they say this, their employees get pensions worth multi-millions and former officials generally end up with huge sums of money normal folks can't match with a lifetime of earnings.  The monopoly is constantly announcing new services you will have to buy. 

Would anyone allow a private company to do this?  Why does the fact that it's the federal government make this behavior acceptable?  If anything, this behavior backed by abusive government power makes it even more threatening. 

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