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Mar 1, 2016

Free Speech Don't Get No Respect

Fact is that free speech is not as respected as it used to be by most people. In September of 2014, 43 Senate Democrats voted for a Constitutional Amendment that would have allowed Congress to regulate campaign spending by all corporations except licensed news companies. This would have allowed a federal commission to say the employees of the New York Times are journalists, while the employees of Citizens United are not.

On college campuses, discussions must avoid trigger words, micro aggression and politically incorrect topics. Professors are reliving the terror periods of the French and Russian Revolutions. They can be denounced by any student and fired as a result. Not quite the guillotine or a firing squad, but certainly not free speech either.

And now we have Trump trying to use loosened libel laws to reach the same ends. It's hard enough to fight this manure from the left. Why would anyone on the right buy this BS? Trump's big talent is mouthing off to the press. This is his world class way of setting himself apart from other Republican presidential candidates. Given how poorly the Republicans have defended their ideas, it's a welcome relief from the usual mumbling against outright lies from the Pravda Press. But this only works if it's a fair fight, Trump versus the media. Using the government to punish your enemies is an Obama thing. Using the government to suppress the press is a Putin thing. I really don't want to leave my 6 grandchildren an America without free speech. I will fight both people on the left and people on the right who are trying to limit free speech for temporary personal advantage.

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