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Picture 2

Apr 3, 2016

NCAA is Conspiracy in Restraint of Trade


o    I think that the NCAA is an illegal conspiracy in restraint of trade.  I think they could and should be prosecuted under the Sherman Antitrust Act.  I think the conspiracy is so open and notorious that it would be easy for the government to meet the burden of proof.  The price fixing involved is also obvious. Using the NCAA, universities hold the wages of college athletes at zero.  Given the "cheating" uncovered from year to year, where rich alumnae pay athletes on the side, it's clear that the market price would be a lot higher.  Certain schools, like my alma mater the University of Illinois Urbana, get slammed for "cheating," usually when they manage to have a good team.  So often, like when I was there from 1968-1972, they just have an excellent band.  There's not as much money in that, so there's no equivalent of the NCAA for marching bands.

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