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Picture 2

May 17, 2016

Blaming Bush ... or Nixon

Twenty years from now, Democrats will still be blaming Bush for their current failures.  Liberals never take responsibility.  

Liberals deny there was a bloodbath when we lost the Vietnam War.  They deny the deaths of 2 million Cambodians and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and Laotians killed by victorious Communists.  They also want you to forget that Lyndon Johnson escalated the war while lying about it.  The phrase "Credibility Gap" was invented to describe Johnson's statements.  Johnson also consistently refused to follow military advice.  Bombing targets were selected in the White House. 

The reason I bring up Vietnam is that Obama is behaving like Johnson.  He refuses to follow military advice.  The White House is picking bombing targets and giving the military impossible rules of engagement.  Obama's decision to withdraw from Iraq killed hundreds of thousands.  Liberals say it's all Bush's fault. 

Liberals blamed Nixon for Vietnam, not Johnson. 

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