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May 17, 2016

Changing Obamacare Takes More Than Winning Elections

Liberals are fond of saying that if Conservatives don’t like Obamacare, they should win some elections and change it.  The problem with this liberal advice is that the GOP did win several elections with Obamacare as a major issue, but political shady deals, rigged court cases and liberal obstructionism kept those elections from mattering.   While Obamacare was being considered, the GOP won the December 8, 2009 election to fill the Senate seat of Edward Kennedy, who had died.  Republican Scott Brown won the election by promising to filibuster Obamacare.  The result was Democrats lost their 60 vote filibuster proof majority.  The Democrats passed a badly flawed bill in the House later in 2009, to avoid having the Senate vote again on a revised bill, which the Republicans would have filibustered with their newly added Senator Brown being enough to stop the bill.  The GOP won the Congressional election in 2010.  Obama and the Supreme Court revised Obamacare numerous times without Congress.  The bill was poorly drafted, but Obama wanted to avoid having to compromise with the Republican House and Republican Senators ready to filibuster.  The GOP won another Congressional Election in 2014, and took control of the Senate.  President Obama's response was to use his pen and phone trying to legislate without Congressional involvement.  In effect, Obama wanted to negate the election results.  

So tell any liberals who say that the GOP needs to win some elections that all elections are supposed to count, not just presidential elections.  Congress is supposed to legislate, not the Supreme Court and not the president.

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