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May 17, 2016

The Big Changes For The Worse Since 1950

The country today is just a passing resemblance of the country where I was born in 1950. In the process of solving our problems with racial prejudice and sex based bias, we threw the baby out with the bath water. Straight old white men like me are a free fire zone.  Everyone can be a racist today without any penalty, as long as they hate straight white old men, especially if they are Christians or Vietnam Era Veterans. I ain't never been the flavor of the month my whole life and believe me, it's been obvious.

Gradually, the federal government has taken over all the levers of power. The states take federal money and then find out that if the Feds pay the piper, the Feds call the tune. Congress has ceded almost all of its powers to unelected regulatory agencies so Senators and Representatives can get credit for acting to solve problems but avoid responsibility for unpleasant decisions. Regulatory agencies have executive, legislate and judicial functions all in one agency. There is no separation of powers anymore.

The Supreme Court can take the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868 when homosexual acts were illegal in every state, and make it mandate same sex marriage. This is not what the 14th Amendment was intended to do and it is not what the governed consented to during ratification. The Supreme Court can rewrite Obamacare twice, without Congress, because Congress is a vestigial organ that has only symbolic purpose.

Liberals have "the fierce urgency of now" and they are on "the right side of history." It's kind of like the divine right of kings, in that the masses, especially straight old white Christian men, have no right to question anything liberals do. When cranky old white guys like me do question liberals, it's assumed we're racist bigots. Nobody reads our arguments, because "liberal" education skips Charles I, James II and John Locke. "Liberal" education also assumes the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of rights are all tainted because they were written by slave owners.

The key ingredient to our demise is entitlements. Rome called them bread and circuses. When we have to pay so much for entitlements that we can't afford to defend ourselves, then the US will be dead, beyond anyone's ability to revive. By encouraging everyone to depend on the government, liberals remove the instinct for self-defense. The end result will be sharia law. How do you think ISIS and Al Qaeda will feel about LGBT bathrooms? 

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