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Picture 2

Jun 12, 2016

Liberals Working Towards Identity Justice, Find Trump's Comments Casablaca "Shocking"

It’s fashionable to condemn Trump’s remarks attacking Judge Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel as racist, and they are.  Trump's remarks were rude, distasteful and self-serving.  That said, liberals professing "shock" at Trump's racism have as much credibility as Claude Rains did in Casablanca when he said he was "shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"  Liberals have been using identity politics for years.  Their political control of a lot of major cities, like Detroit, Chicago, New York City and Baltimore for example, is all based on identity politics, because it certainly isn't based on low crime and good schools in those cities.

At this point, liberals are very close to identity justice.  Liberals presumed Officer Michael Wilson was guilty of the murder of Freddy Gray immediately because Officer Wilson was white and Mr. Gray was black.  This assumption persisted even after the grand jury found justifiable homicide, and even after black witnesses' testimony that the shooting was justified became public.  That's racism too, but it's politically correct racism, so it's OK?

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