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Jun 12, 2016

Hostile Press, A Reason to Vote For Trump

I'm really uncomfortable with the 2016 general election choice of candidates for president. I would vote for none of the above if it would get me a do over. But it won't. So here's how I see the choice.
Let's start with the assumption that both candidates are equally odious. Trump and Clinton are the worst and second worst all time in negative ratings in the polls for good reason. Neither is an especially big fan of the Constitution as it was understood when it was adopted. Both want the law to say whatever is convenient at the moment. The only differences I can see is how the media and the courts will treat each candidate.
The mainstream media will cover every Trump flaw, every lie, every mistake and put everything he does wrong in screaming headlines. The courts will stop Trump fast any time he tries to do something by executive order that the law doesn't allow. Trump won't be able to breathe hard without someone calling him a racist bigot for breathing hard.
In contrast, Clinton will get the Obama soft pitch treatment. The mainstream media will cover up every Clinton flaw, every lie, every mistake and obscure everything Hillary does behind a smokescreen of adoring flattery. If Clinton wants to unilaterally change tax law and not collect some tax for a year, like the Employer Mandate tax, the press will cover it like presidents have been unilaterally postponing tax collections since 1790. The Supreme Court will rewrite laws for her, so she doesn't have to deal with those elected mean bean Republicans in the House and Senate. Both the media and the courts will go out of their way to find excuses to back Clinton in whatever she does.

Trump was number 15 out of 17 on my ranking of Republican presidential candidates. But at least the media and the courts will watch him and keep him as honest as they can. That's why I will vote for him. Luckily, I have bad allergies, so I won't have to hold my nose.

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