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Picture 2

Jun 6, 2016

Clinton, Trump and Flying Mud

I think we can assume that Trump versus Clinton is going to involve a lot of flying mud.  It’s fashionable now for liberals to condemn Trump for all sorts of things, like a threat to the rule of law, free speech, separation of powers and increasing racial prejudice.  Let's assume that Trump does it all.  In many cases he will be following precedents set by the current administration.  Democrats used the IRS to silence Tea Party groups' free speech.  Obama had the EPA declared war on coal without legislation.  Obama postponed Employer Mandate tax collections for a year, contrary to law. The Justice Department has lied so often to Judge Andrew Hanen in the immigration case that Hanen ordered Justice Department lawyers to go to mandatory ethics training prior to appearing in any Federal Court in 26 states.  Obama's deal with Iran promoted nuclear proliferation.  Obama talks about bitter clingers to guns and religion, which is pure prejudice.  Democrats are suing corporations, nonprofits and journalists for criticizing global warming.  Obamacare has been subsidizing health insurance with payments not authorized by Congress.  Trump ain't even close to my favorite candidate, but no rules for liberals means no rules for conservatives.  You're fired!

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