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Jun 20, 2016

LGBTs Need 2nd Amendment Too

The Orlando shooting may shatter the Democrats LGBT coalition. Milo Yiannopoulos had this to say yesterday in a Breitbart article about the Left's blindness towards Islam: "The Christian Right may not be totally down with homos, and Trump may say things that hurt our delicate feelings, but they aren’t going to kill us or put us in camps. Only Islam would do that — the same Islam that, bizarrely, now stands at the top of the left’s hierarchy of victimhood." Since two of the strongest 2nd Amendment guys I know are gay, this didn't surprise me as much as it probably surprises you. It does tend to focus everyone's attention on what's really important, survival.

After this obviously targeted shooting, I don't think the LGBT community is going to like being disarmed any better than the rest of us. I expect applications for concealed carry to increase substantially in gay communities like San Francisco, New York and Chicago, where there is really strict gun control. When the applications all get turned down for bogus reasons, an entire voting block is going to change sides. Milo has a point. Arguing is one thing. Killing is an entirely different conversation.
Milo's article:

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