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Jun 12, 2016

Repeating the Mistakes of 1964?

In 1964, a lot of Republicans, including my father and mother, didn't vote because they didn't like the choices. Lyndon B. Johnson won in a landslide. As a result, LBJ could do whatever he wanted to do. LBJ set up a "guns and butter" budget that began a cycle of deficits financed by inflation that increased to intolerable levels until Reagan temporarily stopped it. LBJ started huge entitlement programs that are now threatening to bankrupt the country. LBJ ran the Vietnam War from the White House because LBJ thought he was smarter than his generals. LBJ bombed targets in Vietnam to "send a message" to the Communists, not to accomplish anything militarily. LBJ put 500,000 Americans on the ground in Vietnam gradually, while he lied repeatedly, saying that he was not going to send any more troops there. LBJ exhausted the patience of the American people with Vietnam.

By the time Nixon transferred almost all of the ground war to the Vietnamese and used air strikes in North Vietnam to shut down Communist supply lines, it was too late. The American people had lost patience with the war and had no trust in anything anybody said about Vietnam.  Democrats in Congress cut the aid budget for South Vietnam by 75% between the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 and the Fall of Saigon in 1975. The Communists killed perhaps 2.3 million people in Southeast Asia after the American withdrawal. The US hasn't ever fully recovered from losing the war.

In 2016, we have another election where lots of Republicans, definitely including me, don't like the choices. But I remember an ad the Democrats ran against Goldwater in 1964. A little girl was frolicking in the daisies. Suddenly, there was a big mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. The ad in 1964 was about Goldwater, but I feel that way about Hillary Clinton. In 1964, we had enough of a margin as a country that we could afford a disaster like Lyndon Johnson. And Lyndon Johnson wasn't pure evil either. He did get the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through Congress. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is pure evil. Even though I really, really don’t like Trump, I will vote for him.

We have absolutely no margin for error now as a country. The big problem with Hillary is that the law means absolutely nothing to her. She will do whatever it takes to win, which she defines as getting her own way all of the time. The law will be ignored or flouted, and her fanatically loyal staff will lie, cheat, steal and probably kill for Hillary. IRS targeted audits will continue, but other regulatory agencies will now coordinate the harassment as well. After your IRS audit, OSHA will find safety hazards at your office. Your local government will use condemnation proceedings to force you to sell your house at a below market price. Your health insurance won’t pay for care you need, even though it pays for the same care for loyal Democrats. Your kid’s college loan will mysteriously increase the interest rate you have to pay. With Hillary, we will be 8 years and counting on the road to socialist Venezuela, where 17 years of socialism has taken an oil rich developing country to the point of starvation. It’s not going to be anywhere near as much fun as the “Road to Morocco” movie with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

In foreign policy, Hillary’s experience is one big failure after another which are all described as successes through big lies. The reset with Russia resulted in Putin seizing the Crimea from Ukraine and then invading mainland Ukraine from the east. Hillary advocated our intervention in Libya. We killed Gaddafi, but made Libya a weak failed state where ISIS could seize a lot of their oil fields. Also in Libya, Hillary’s State Department cut security for their diplomats in half the month before the Benghazi attack, over the objections of both the Embassy in Libya and the US Army Lt. Colonel in command of the Special Forces detachment that the State Department ordered to withdraw. During the 13 hour attack, Hillary was asleep while 4 Americans were killed by an organized terrorist attack. There were American F-16 fighter bombers less than 3 hours of flight time away from Benghazi at Aviano Air Force Base in Northern Italy. The attack lasted 13 hours. Only unarmed drones were sent to Benghazi. In a Congressional hearing on Benghazi, Hillary asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
While Hillary was Secretary of State, US foreign policy tilted towards Iran, which is now assured it can build a nuclear weapon. Our deal with Iran gave them 100 billion dollars in formerly frozen assets to pay for nuclear research and terrorism. In a normal year under our sanctions, Iran sold about 15 billion dollars worth of oil. Syria and Iraq both became failed states because we didn’t want to anger Iran by trying to stop Iran's friends from trashing those countries. Hillary and friends point to all of these things as successes. If Hillary tells you the time, check your watch. Better yet, make sure you still have a watch.

The problem is the way liberals win, with rogue judges, regulatory agencies and executive orders overriding the voters and Congress.  The combination of a "living Constitution" and an aggressive regulatory environment took our country away.  When Scott Brown wins Teddy Kennedy's seat to become the vote needed to filibuster Obamacare, Democrats cheat by passing a half-baked bill through the House.  The Republicans win the Senate in 2010.  There are problems with half-baked Obamacare, so the Supreme Court redrafts the bill, thus avoiding any input from newly elected Senators.  In the meantime, a regulation requires the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for birth control and Plan B abortion pills.  The Republicans win the House in 2014, so the president enacts his plans with executive orders and regulatory agency rulings.  The Supreme Court redrafts Obamacare again, disenfranchising voters again.  Reaction to breaking all the rules yields Trump.  At least he will scream at the press.

If Hillary wins big, she will take it as a mandate for more illegal pen and phone executive orders that are completely contrary to law. She will concentrate on crushing domestic opponents while ignoring foreign policy. The rule of law will cease to be even a polite fiction. In a couple of years, the rule of law will cease to pass even the laugh test. One morning Hillary will wake up to find New York or Los Angeles have been nuked by Iran or North Korea because she wasn’t paying attention. And it will all be George W. Bush’s fault.

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