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Picture 2

Aug 8, 2016

Liberal Glee Amid The Ruins of the Constitution

 Liberals are chortling about Hillary Clinton’s 9 point lead in the polls.  They think that US politics is a zero sum game.  If Conservatives are losing, the Liberals must be winning.  It’s almost like a grade school recess kind of taunting.  But I have a question.  Why does it make Liberals happy that we're on the road to a banana republic form of government? We have a Pravda Press that suppresses news that embarrasses the government, a judiciary branch that votes the party line, an executive branch that ignores election results because they alone know what actions will put them on the "right side of history" and a legislature that only functions to the extent that it ratifies what our maximum leader wants to do.  Will it make Liberals happier when red neck Republicans get treated as slowly as poor veterans at the VA because they voted wrong, just as soon as we  replace deeply flawed Obamacare with single payer medicine?  Fact is, everyone can lose.

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