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Picture 2

Aug 8, 2016

No Encryption Destroyed Russia in 1917, Hillary's Cyber Insecurity Can Do the Same for Us

The reason the Russians lost World War I and had the chaos that lead to the Communist Revolution in 1917 is simple.  Their army didn't encrypt their radio messages.  Do we need a president who makes the same kind of mistakes in cyber space?  Aren't Clinton's security problems more important than Trump's style?

The Pravda Press is grading Trump like this campaign is a gymnastic event during the Cold War, and they are the Romanian judge.  OK, he gets a 2.1 for style and a 0 for substance.  The country still will survive 4 years of Trump.  Hillary Clinton had 30,000 emails on a server that everyone with an interest could have hacked. All of those emails potentially open her to blackmail by Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un or unemployed hackers in basements like Romanian taxi driver Guccifer.   We don't know what's in the deleted emails, so we won't know if they are real or forgeries if Wikileaks publishes them.   Clinton has a history of selling her office for donations laundered through the Clinton Foundation, and the emails could prove it.  Do we feel lucky?

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