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Aug 8, 2016

Trump's Rookie Mistake: Free Publicity Stops At Republican Nomination

Trump made the mistake of thinking that if the Pravda Press gave him a free ride in the primaries, the love would endure in the general election.  That's a stupid rookie mistake!  The mainstream media is completely in the tank for the Democrats.  Trump got buckets of free publicity in the primaries because the Pravda Press believed he was the weakest Republican candidate.  Now that Trump is the nominee, sliming Trump, by suppressing anything positive him or any sensible argument he makes, is the 24x7 job of the mainstream media.  Since this has been the pattern for years, why is anybody surprised?  McCain was great, until he was nominated.  Romney caused cancer.  Will Republicans learn they need advertising to counter this muck before Democrats outlaw political advertising?  Probably not, because a second President Clinton with a Democrat Senate Majority will pack the Supreme Court.  The Citizens United ruling goes away and Congress regulates who is a legitimate news corporation.

The Pravda Press has to filter Trump news to be 100% negative in the general election because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, is so massively unattractive.  Hillary has committed numerous felonies, lies almost every time she opens her mouth, has been taking bribes since her miraculous $100,000 commodities trade in 1979 (using a broker disciplined for parking trades), and has no actual accomplishments she can point to other than winning the genetic lottery by being female.  If your candidate looks terrible, you have to make their candidate look worse.

For readers who think I’m going overboard about Democrats censoring election coverage, please look at their record.  Senate Democrats actually proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate free speech.  Here’s the most important part of the text: “Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect to Federal elections.”  This amendment, S. J. Res. 19, was introduced by Tom Udall on June 18, 2013.  All 43 Senate Democrats voted for it.  Here's a link to the text of the bill:

I’m not whining that the press is being unfair to Trump.  They are always unfair to every Republican nominee for president in a general election. What I am saying is that the people around Trump should have been raising money and preparing advertising to get their message out because it was obvious the free publicity was going to stop.  When the press covered everything he said, Trump got votes, although not my vote.  Now that the press can put words in Trump's mouth, and not cover what he actually says, he's transformed into a monster nobody would vote for.  

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