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Picture 2

Sep 17, 2016

America Was Built on Cultural Appropriation

America was built on cultural appropriation.  How did we get Canadian bacon, French (actually Belgian) fries, pizza, Tex-Mex, bolo ties (Argentina), big cowboy belt buckles (Scotland), hot dogs (Germany), baklava (Greece), sushi (Japan) and Chinese take out?  It was all cultural appropriation.  Immigrants brought good stuff with them.  Americans sampled the stuff and appropriated what they liked.  These things became part of American culture to the point that most Americans don't even know where stuff came from.  The famed Kentucky rifle of the late 18th and early 19th century was a cultural appropriation from Germany.  Cultural appropriation was so accepted that at one point Chinese chiefs were in the same immigration classification as rocket scientists.  (Some Congressman must have REALLY liked Chinese take out.)  

The effort of leftist fanatics to divide and conquer through preventing cultural appropriation is historically absurd. What made America a great country was that Americans were open to cultural appropriation. We didn't insist that only things invented here were worth looking at.  Only truly xenophobic bigots refuse to culturally appropriate.

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