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Picture 2

Sep 18, 2016

Birthers Had It Backwards

Birthers had it backwards.  I think Obama was born in Hawaii.  However, I think the reason he won't release his college transcripts is because Obama probably claimed to be Kenyan in order to have an easier time getting admitted.  Further, in the bio he supplied to his publisher in 1991, he claimed to have been born in Kenya.  (See the link below.)  So like Elizabeth Warren, with her claim to American Indian minority status, I think Obama claimed to be Kenyan when he was not in order to game the system.  Now Obama and friends want his lie to go away. 

Clinton cynically used the lie to raise doubts about Obama's basic qualification to be president.  Now, the origin of birther madness is inconvenient so the Pravda Press transferred it to Trump.   Trump put it back where it belongs, on Clinton. 

Obama book jacket

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