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Sep 26, 2016

Congress Should Have to Vote On All Federal Regulations

The idea that the EPA can declare war on coal without Congressional involvement is ridiculous.  The idea that the FCC can regulate the internet like it's a copper wire telephone company, using a law passed in 1934 that does not apply to the internet, is absurd.  The whole idea that Congress can and should delegate its legislative power to unchecked federal regulatory agencies has proved to be utter folly.  But even worse, the president is delegating his power to sign legislation into law to these regulatory agencies.  A two step process to making legislation into law has been delegated to an agency without checks or balances and made into a one step process.  It needs to be changed.

The Constitution should be amended to end the legislative power of regulatory agencies.  Congress should have to vote to approve or reject every regulation. There could be a “fast track” procedure for regulations, that is an up or down vote with no amendments and no filibusters.  There should also be a provision in the Constitutional amendment that any member of Congress can call for a roll call vote on a package of regulations after they have been formally presented to Congress and been waiting 120 days.  Once the privileged motion is made, the vote has to be taken immediately.

The Constitution originally said all legislation had to come from Congress and be signed  by the president.  Veto overrides and pocket vetoes were specified. There is no reason to delegate legislative power to any other agencies with other procedures.  Congress and the president should be responsible for all laws and regulations.

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