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Picture 2

Oct 23, 2016

Against Clinton, Not For Trump

I'm not voting for Trump because I like Trump. I'm voting for Trump because I believe Hillary Clinton is unfit for any Constitutional office, particularly the presidency. We have survived sleazy presidents, like Bill Clinton or Warren Harding, in the past. I don't think we have ever had a president who was willing to sell out the country for a big enough bribe. Also, consider the completely misplaced loyalty Hillary commands. Hillary ordered her cyber security subordinates to ignore her substandard insecure home email server, and they complied. She ordered them to cover it up, and they complied. Now we have a situation where the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and several dozen independent hackers have copies of her 33,000 deleted emails, but voters don't. Hillary is hanging out a mile wide for blackmail by a foreign power. The Russian Army lost World War I because they did not encrypt their radio messages for the first 6 months of the war. Do we need a president so clueless on cyber security that she leaks like a sieve, setting the American military up for total defeat?

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