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Oct 9, 2016

Taxation and Regulation Without Representation

The problem that everyone feels instinctively is that we have taxation and regulation without representation. The big decisions are made by regulatory agencies, federal courts and executive orders. Nobody elects the regulators and judges, but they unilaterally regulate the internet, declare war on coal and redefine marriage. The only individual who is elected is the president who delays the collection of the Employer Mandate tax for a year and issues executive orders on immigration. Congress gets to decide once a year whether to fund the government or shut it down. Harry Reid's success in smothering Congressional power is the reason we have Trump as a Republican presidential nominee.

The voters tried to work through Congress starting in early 2010. In response to the threat of Obamacare, the voters of Massachusetts elected a Republican Senator to replace Ted Kennedy. Obamacare passed anyway via parliamentary tricks. In 2010, voters elected a Republican House. Harry Reid made sure nothing of importance that the House passed reached the President's desk. In 2012 and 2014 Congress got more Republican, but it didn't change anything. Even with control of both the House and Senate, not one spending bill passed before the omnibus all or nothing vote was required.

Frustrated by Congressional victories that gained nothing, Republican voters decided that they needed to try something radical. That's why we have a choice of Trump Trash or Crooked Hillary.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for continued taxation and regulation without representation. Why bother with Congress now that President Obama has shown you don't really need them?

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