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Picture 2

Oct 8, 2016

What's It Worth To Teach Trump to Respect Women?

It's worth whatever it takes to make sure that potty mouth Trump is taught to respect women. Hillary Clinton respects women (except for women who accuse her husband of rape) and she is going to show the world how well socialism works! Power to the (politically connected) people, right on! Hillary Clinton has a track record of working hard for people (who have donated to the Clinton Foundation). As the first woman president, Hillary Clinton can complete the (disastrous) domestic and foreign policy changes started by Barack Obama, the first black president. Clinton will convert our outstanding (unsustainable) Obamacare into single payer VA Care. The government will pay for all healthcare without any problems (for liberals who vote correctly). The government will make sure that coal is no longer used to generate electricity (no matter how many blackouts this causes). The government will regulate the US internet to preserve net neutrality (and large campaign contributions from internet providers), but give the international internet arrangements to the UN (to make sure that all internet screens condemn Israel, but allow local dictators to censor other content). College will be completely free to students (but not to taxpayers). Ultimately, socialism will deliver equality for all (by impoverishing everyone who doesn't work for the government).

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