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Nov 13, 2016

Progressives Explain Trump Voters: Racist or Ignorant

Progressives can’t believe they lost.  They are riding on an absolute gusher of denial.  They offer the standard racist and sexist explanations.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of counties who voted for Obama in 2008 that went Trump in 2016.  Did it take those voters 8 years to get new glasses and notice Obama was black?  But he sounded so white!  Sorry, that just doesn’t work.  So try ignorance.

This article likes the ignorance explanation to the point where it starts talking about tests voters should have to pass to qualify to vote.

I am old enough to remember when literacy tests were used to keep blacks from voting in Southern States. This article complains about voter ignorance and considers various ways to keep the "uninformed" from voting. I think "uninformed" is a progressive dog whistle for racial, religious and social class based discrimination against redneck whites. Coming from the same people who claim that requiring voters to show ID is racist, this is really sky high hypocrisy.

The Trump voters in this election were very informed about how government policies in the last 8 years have hurt them personally. They have watched factories close, regulations strangle local businesses and many of their friends become so discouraged in the search for work that they have given up trying to find a job. They know that the government values reduced carbon emissions over their livelihoods. They know that the government considers their religion worthless. They know that the government wants to completely destroy their culture. They know that the government encourages colleges to discriminate against their children on the basis of race. They're fed up with it all. They voted for a candidate that promised to fix it.

In order to really understand the paragraph above, liberals should imagine their outrage if the victims were black.

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  1. Trump voters came in many guises. (Many would have voted for Bernie, if the Democrats hadn't kept him off the ballot.) They are generally fed up with Washington and many state capitals as well. But many of them voted for Obama - FOR THE SAME REASON! He promised Hope and Change - how's that going for ya? Not too good, so we voted for a complete outside, a stand up guy - a true ALPHA MALE, not one of those effeminate talking heads who wish they were.

    Hopefully, he'll do what we voted him into office to do: Help the people and restrict the graft of those grifters who live in and about Washington.

    Lewis Guignard
    Crouse, NC