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Jan 8, 2017

Cancel the F-35, Buy F-15SE or Advanced F-18 Instead

As my friend Mike Fredenberg says in his recent National Review article (see link below), the F-35 is a procurement mess that should be cancelled.  The Pentagon would have you believe that there is no alternative to the F-35.  Actually there are two alternatives.  The F-15SE Silent Eagle and the F-18 Advanced Super Hornet are both possible replacements for the F-35. The F-15SE was originally proposed as an exportable stealth aircraft for foreign sales to countries who weren't approved to buy the F-35. It's got stealthy characteristics, much better weapons payload, better electronics and costs about 2/3 of what an F-35 costs. I believe the development on this airplane wouldn't take much time, since most of the design work is already done and it's based on a currently deployed design. The Israeli Air Force wanted to buy the F-15SE, but they were denied an export license for it. The Pentagon forced the IAF to buy the F-35 instead.  Trump's tweet on developing a stealth version of the navy's F-18 is also possible.  A reduced radar cross section F-18 Advanced Super Hornet has been proposed, which might be why Trump mentioned it in his tweet.  The way to stop procurement train wrecks like the F-35 is to cancel them and buy something else.

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