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Jun 15, 2017

Be Polite in the Left's Climate of Hate?

I think calls for politeness are a waste of time.  Calls for polite discourse are usually signs that liberals are losing the argument.  It’s an implied false equivalence that’s completely ridiculous.  Liberals, by whatever name they call themselves to conceal their designs, want to replace Constitutional democracy with a dictatorship of progressive government experts.  They want power to vest in an elected president and his regulatory agencies.  They want to rule by executive and regulatory decree, backed up by “living Constitution” judges who make the Constitution and the law say whatever is convenient at the moment, no matter what was originally ratified or passed in Congress.  There is no way to compromise with people driven to achieve these goals.

The problem is that the rules are not the same for everybody. Liberals are never polite when it comes to attacking their political enemies.  I think turnabout is more than just fair play. I think it’s required for the survival of our Constitutional Republic.  I've personally been called a Nazi in the last 24 hours for expressing support for finding actual evidence of Trump's collusion with Russians before hanging him. Given that my grandfather was Jewish, and my wife and 5 of my 6 grandchildren are Jewish, that's a pretty big insult. Not just Trump, but every major Republican figure has been called Hitler, including the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.  Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, daughter Ivanka and their two children are Orthodox Jews, but calling Trump Hitler is considered a normal polite thing to do. I think that at least 1,000 deaths should be required before anyone qualifies for the Hitler accusation. Based on my last name, some liberal lout suggested I was a drunken Indian and thus made no sense. My family is from Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. I can't count how many times I was called racist for opposing the policies of President Obama, aka Barry the Brilliant. The last time my sister-in-law was in town, she told me to order my beer by saying, "I like my beer, like my sister-in-law, black."  If we don’t answer leftist lies, they are assumed to be true.  Silence is assent under English common law.

Since the left paints the right with a very broad brush as not just misguided, but evil, the patience of people on the right has, understandably, worn rather thin. We are starting to apply the rules that the left applies to conservatives against the left. If the left paints us with a broad brush, we can do the same to them. If the left doesn’t like it, then they should stop dishing it out. If Hillary Clinton can take donations from actual Russians through the Clinton Foundation and then approve the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russian interests as Secretary of State, then apply the same standard of no big deal to Trump staffers' meetings with Russians. Otherwise comrades, the Party is going to experience some rough language, because, speaking personally, I've run out of politeness when it comes to treason allegations with hearsay evidence from unnamed sources.

If the Gabby Giffords shooting was a result of a right wing "climate of hate," why isn't the recent shooting of Steve Scalise the result of a left wing climate of hate? From where I stand, the left’s climate of hate is a lot more intense than the opposition to Obama ever was. Left wing commentators speculate about using the 25th Amendment to declare Trump unfit for office. They call for a military coup to replace Trump. They call Trump a danger to all life on earth. Doesn't that make the left the creators of a "climate of hate" against Republicans by their own logic? Why aren't the Liberal Talking Heads calling for everyone on the left to stand down to prevent further violence? Because they want to promote further violence! Black Lives Matter was only the beginning. Unless we see calls on the left to stand down, the right is justified, by the left's own rulebook, to denounce them for their "climate of hate." The rules have to be the same for everybody. 

Unilateral verbal disarmament is surrender to these “progressive” people.  They want to replace representative government with dictatorship by progressive experts.  If you’re not OK with their program, they are going to get violent.  They will kill police and political figures that get in their way.  Like some college presidents did lately, progressives will order police to “stand down” while leftist mobs do their dirty work.  Politics ain’t bean bag.  These folks are playing for keeps and the entire Republic is at stake.  The time for civil discourse is over.  It’s time to stop pulling punches.

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