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Jul 22, 2017

Counter Fake Russian Contact Crimes With Prosecution of Real Crimes

I don't understand why the DOJ is not prosecuting Obama Administration minions for their crimes. We used to have the rule of law in the US. If you broke the law you faced prosecution.

If I were Trump or Sessions, I would have grand juries investigating Huma Abedin, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice for mishandling classified materials. Hillary's email server had essentially no cyber security and over 100 pieces of classified information on it. That's 100 felony counts on the public record. I also would have grand juries investigating John Koskinen and Lois Lerner for obstruction of justice at the IRS. The leading cause of PC hard drive crashes is not subpoenas anywhere besides the IRS. There are obviously other people, like the guy who deleted 30,000 pieces of email while they were under Congressional subpoena, that need to be investigated. All of these prosecutions can be handled by main Justice career prosecutors. I don't understand why this isn't happening. These folks actually WERE criminals.

Face the fact that progressives are like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, sentence first, trial afterwards. There's nothing to be gained by going easy on the previous administration. We lose every news cycle that fake crimes of meeting Russians are on the air instead of the real crimes of abuse of power in the Obama Administration.

I know Obama and the Clintons are untouchable Liberal Saints. There will be a lot of flack if we start prosecuting their minions. To solve that problem, give Barry the Brilliant and Michelle the Magnificent blanket pardons for all offenses during Obama's 2 terms. Offer Hill and Bill immunity from prosecution in return for testimony against their lackeys. We don't need to convict any of them. If we have a high enough number of minion indictments and convictions, their legacies and political influence will be reduced to ashes.

If Sessions is indicting Democrats, it's bound to improve Trump's mood. Right now he's getting pummelled and not hitting back at all. Trump is media savvy enough to know he' losing. His people who quantitatively analyse social media are probably telling him he's losing, which is why he's so angry. Indicting Democrats will change the subject.

In military strategy, you concentrate your strength against your opponent's weakness. Our strength is the rule of law. Democrats' weakness is lots of minions guilty of real crimes. Let's convict those minions for their real crimes . It's time to remove leftist impunity before the next Democrat Administration starts to take advantage of it.

Jul 20, 2017

Living with Trump: Watch His Hands, Use the Mute Button

The choice is between a Constitution that means what it says, and a dictatorship of regulatory agencies and rogue courts staffed with progressive "experts." If you favor a Constitution that means what it says, then you have to try to keep Trump from running off the rails, because he's the only chance we have. I'm not saying you have to like him. I am saying you have to avoid taking cheap shots, like a lot of this article. There is no possible decent alternative to Trump. The only real alternative is a resurgent Democrat controlled process moving towards a total Deep State takeover that completely ignores the Constitution.

The reason that progressives reacted so violently to Trump's election is that they were so close to putting the Constitution into the trash can of history. The Constitution currently means whatever the Supreme Court says it means 5 to 4. Supreme Court cases are like NFL games. On any given day, any interpretation is possible. We have almost totally lost the rule of law. That's how close we came.

The key to living with Trump is watching his hands and using the mute button. Trump has immediately approved every application for a natural gas export terminal. Trump has opened almost all federal land, including the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, to drilling. Trump withdrew from the Paris Global Warming Pact. Trump stopped the war on coal. Thanks to fracking, the US is now the number 2 oil producer in the world, second to Saudi Arabia. The flood of exported oil and natural gas from the US threatens to bankrupt Russia and Iran. Trump's energy policy is the number one reason that Putin rationally should have preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Trump has eliminated all the stupid rules of engagement that allowed ISIS to exist. Trump allowed the Air Force to drop the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan, killing 92 ISIS in Afghanistan fighters in a tunnel complex, showing we will use any weapon and drop it on any military target without worrying about whether two civilians and a goat might get killed in the process. Trump is letting the military set strategy. Trump's cabinet appointments are marvelous. Trump has ordered reinforcements to the Baltic Countries and Poland. ISIS got wiped out in Mosul and Raqaa is surrounded.

Trump and Congress eliminated a lot of nasty regulations that Obama pushed through at the last minute. Trump is appointing judges that believe the Constitution means what it says. Trump is actually trying to deliver on his campaign promises. Trump is a lot better than a crippled President Pence.

Republican alternatives to Trump are a fantasy. If Democrats succeed in getting rid of him, they see a big comeback in their future, just like after Watergate. That's what I see too. Why would any Republican or Conservative want that?

Jul 14, 2017

Taliban Depends on War on Drugs

To beat insurgents, you must cut off the source of their supplies. The American Plains Indians were finished when the American buffalo was hunted close to extinction. Indians depended on buffaloes for food and used their hides for clothing, shelter and their fur for trade. ISIS collapsed when the US bombed their oil trucks and oil fields.

The War on Drugs is the reason we have so many endless guerrilla wars in the works, as well as rogue countries, failed states and violent, heavily armed drug gangs. Selling illegal drugs makes it easy to finance an army. The Taliban runs on opium poppy sales. Opium and heroine prices are higher due to the War on Drugs.  The FARC in Columbia and Shining Path in Peru are cocaine funded insurgents. Cuba, Nicaragua and North Korea all earn a lot of foreign exchange from illegal drug sales. Drug cartels in Mexico and other parts of Latin America are beter armed than the police.

I think it's time to end the War on Drugs. It's the second coming of Prohibition, only much worse. Prohibition, and the violence and corruption that came with it, was limited to the US. The War on Drugs is a worldwide disaster. Frankly, the costs aren't worth the benefits. It would be easier to deal with user rehab programs than multiple crime waves and insurgencies all over the world. We need to legalize drugs and tax them heavily. We can start with marijuana to see how it works out. As I see it, it's a national security issue.

Jul 6, 2017

Trump Fights the Chicago Way

Open letter to Never Trump Diehards

What's at stake here is whether the Constitution means what it says. If the left wins, the Constitution, and the law, mean whatever the progressives want it to mean at the moment. The rule of law will be replaced by a dictatorship of regulatory agencies staffed with progressive "experts." The consent of the governed will not be required because progressives believe the people are too stupid and ignorant to give informed consent. This is what the 2016 election was all about. This is what we're fighting about now.

I understand you didn't believe Trump would be an improvement. I had my doubts too. But now we know he is a big improvement over Obama and whatever policy Hillary Clinton might have decided would benefit her, personally, the most. Trump recently opened the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for drilling with no opposition! He dropped the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan, showing he has no stupid rules of engagement.

This is not the time to become picky on style. The Pravda Press has been calling conservatives things like Nazis, fascists and racists for years with no basis in fact and no fear of retaliation. They lately accused Trump of treason and incest without any credible evidence. I don't blame him for counter attacks on twitter. Enough is enough. Being better than they are brought us to losing to Obama twice.

Obama ran a completely outlaw regime that showed every hole in the Constitution progressives could exploit. They were very close to irreversible damage. We can't afford to be nice guys any more. We're fighting Capone, the Chicago way.

Jul 5, 2017

Trump Tracks Popularity on Social Media

Trump's campaign used social media to decide where Trump should schedule appearances during the last months of the campaign.  Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, set up a top secret quantitative analysis unit to help the campaign.  They analyzed tweets and comments by location to see where Trump had the best chance to win states.  Then they calculated the best electoral college payoff for each appearance.  Trump didn't win by accident.  Trump won by analyzing internet traffic.     
I think that Trump's people are still doing it.  I think they know better than the polls how they're doing, because they have a lot more data.  They know exactly how well Trump's tweets are playing in Peoria.  While the obsolete mainstream media use obsolete polling techniques to justify their fake news jihad against Trump, Trump knows how the whole thing is actually playing in the country from analyzing social media.  Trump is making adjustments based on the data.  Trump still has impulse control issues and anger management problems, but he controls himself once he sees how it's playing.   Trump is playing the Pravda Press for fools.  

Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

Jul 2, 2017

Rude Self Defense Tweets Upset Liberal Journalists

When people on TV can call you Hitler with no foundation of at least 100 deaths or 25 calls for genocide, you have a right to self defense. In previous times, it was assumed that Republicans would be polite when responding to childish attacks. I think it's safe to assume that Republicans are tired of being nice. Personally, I accused a liberal of having the intelligence of a 6 year old for saying Jared Kuchner had committed treason based on alleged meetings with Russians, with no admissible evidence that the meetings occurred and of what was discussed. He called me impolite. I told him that when you accuse somebody of treason without evidence, saying "where there's smoke, there's fire," THAT was impolite, so the time for niceties was over.

I think liberals expect a double standard which used to be routine, to continue. However, since they are going to call a man with an Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, a Jewish (converted) daughter, and two Jewish grandchildren, Hitler, polite has left the building. The Marquis of Queensburys Rules no longer apply. Trump is justified, in my opinion, in throwing whatever filth he wants in self defense, using twitter or whatever else he feels like using. We know his methods of retaliation are unacceptable to the polled public. We'll see if it makes any difference in a real, unrigged election in 2018. In my opinion, the blows must be landing because the media talking heads are complaining the tweets are unfair. Well, so was their initial criticism. Surprise! Surprise! Politics ain't bean bag, it's a contact sport.

Recently, the left called Trump's twitter attacks on journalists, unpresidential.  Calls for civility from the left usually indicate blows from the right are causing pain. To reverse Clauswitz, politics is war by other means. The "liberal" goal is to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States by unconstitutional means. I think stopping that effort doesn't require restrained fair play or good manners. It involves fighting mud with mud, no holds barred. I don't care that liberals think my argument has no validity. I think the left's objective is closer to treason than business meetings with random Russians. I took an oath to defend the Constitution when I joined the US Air Force in 1972. Regardless of whether anyone loves or hates Trump, he was elected in 2016. Crude efforts to nullify the election deserve equally crude answers. "Liberals" no longer get to fix the rules so they win no matter what. They should get used to losing, unless they have the votes to win elections.

I believe the Pravda Press thinks themselves above the fray, even though they are the press outlet of the left. They think that they can make any allegations with no basis in fact and suffer no consequences. Under libel laws, they're correct. But as news commentators, they too are public figures. Trump can tweet any outlandish baseless allegations about them with no fear of legal consequences also. Trump's ungentlemanly idea is tit for tat retaliation. It doesn't have to be proportional response. The left wants to remove Trump from office by whatever means necessary. That means the return verbal fire will be equally unrestrained. Why is that hard to understand?  The left never plays fair, so why should their opponents play fair?

Liberals should remember that everything they do creates a precedent for conservatives. If liberals remove a duly elected president for being rude, any flimsy excuse can be used to remove a duly elected liberal president in the future. You can only break the Constitution once. Once it's broken, all the Smartest Horses and all the Smartest (your choice of 23 pronouns here) ain't going to be able to use crazy glue to put it back together.

Five Groups of Clinton Voters

It's fashionable in liberal circles to categorize Trump voters into several insulting and demeaning catagorios. I'm a computer guy, so I need more precise groups to insult and demean. 

My assumption with Clinton voters is that they come in five somtimes overlapping categories: 1. Some are voting their identities, so Hillary's poor performance in office doesn't matter. 2. Some are technologically ignorant, so they don't understand how easy it is to hack an email server like Hillary's with no certificate to encrypt internet traffic, no specialized anti-virus software beyond the basics from Microsoft, and no encryption of the files or emails. 3.People on government payrolls or with government contracts who depend on ever increasing domestic spending for their livelyhood. 4. Clinton foundation donors. 5. People dumb enough to believe the government really will try to help the needy rather than help themselves to taxpayer dollars. None of these people seem to notice that progressives waste money paying themselves salaries for good works that unfortunately are not shovel ready right now, but will be soon at a slight cost overrun.

Huge Damage from Electromagnetic Pulse

Since a solar flares can do the same damage as North Korean or Iranian nukes by creating their own electromagnetic pulse, I think it's time to harden the electrical net in the US..  This is the Holy Grail of federal spending.  It's shovel ready, because it doesn't require new right of way and environmental studies.  It strengthens national defense.  It's an infrastructure project with lots of money spent all over the country, in every congressional district.  It could save the planet from a natural disaster of cosmic proportions.  It should be completely bipartisan.

The fact that Democrats don't want to harden the grid exposes progressives to charges of both treason and not believing in science under progressive rules of evidence required for making allegations.  I really enjoy using liberal rules of allegations.  They are completely unrestricted warfare on the opposition.  So make charges like a liberal.  Throw lots of manure, just to see what sticks.  Remember it takes offense to win the game.

A Scoudrel and Direct Election of Senators

 Prior to 1913, US Senators were elected by state legislators, not state voters.  This procedure gave state governments a lot of direct input into federal government decisions.  Many political theorists believe restoring the power to elect US Senators to state legislatures is a necessary step to restoring the balance of power between the states and the federal government.  So why did it change?

We probaby owe the direct election of Senators to the efforts of one man, William A. Clark.  Mr. Clark was a Montana Copper Baron who wanted to be a Senator.  In 1899, Mr. Clark bought the entire Montana State legislature.  For him, it was relatively cheap.  The scandal caused the US Senate not to seat him until another election was held a year later.  The Montana State Legislature stayed bought.  Senator William A. Clark served one term, 1901 to 1909.  The scandal was a big reason for the 17th Amendment, which changed the election of Senators to be a direct election from the voters of a state in 1913.  Sometimes, one scoundrel can change history.

Who are the Fascists?

The real "liberal" goal is a dictatorship of regulatory agencies filled with progressive experts who believe they can take better care of the people they govern than the people themselves.  "Liberals" don't even bother to ask for the consent of the governed, because they believe the governed are too stupid and ignorant to give informed consent.

In the US, the Constitution has a doctrine of separation of powers. However, regulatory agencies like the EPA, have rule making (legislative), law enforcement (executive) and administrative hearings on the regulations (judicial) all in a single agency.  There is no separation of powers in this structure, but "liberal" jurists use "living Constitution" interpretations to make the Constitution say whatever they want it to say.

When the dumb voters choose to vote for a rude crude  guy who promises more freedom and less regulation, "liberals" start a coordinated program to remove the duly elected president by unconstitutional means.  Who are the fascists?  The people who voted for Trump and won the election according to the Constitution,  or the people who lost and will use whatever means it takes to overturn the outcome of the election and overthrow the legitimate government?

Government by regulatory agencies is generally unpopular.  As these agencies intrude into more areas of life, diversity of ideas is surpressed by enforced country-wide regulated uniformity.  People may not know exactly what's wrong, but the Western Democracies all have the same regulatory overreach and the same unrest.  The ruling regulators are certain they know best.  The people disagree.  The voters will flail wildly until they find escape from the regulators.