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Jul 22, 2017

Counter Fake Russian Contact Crimes With Prosecution of Real Crimes

I don't understand why the DOJ is not prosecuting Obama Administration minions for their crimes. We used to have the rule of law in the US. If you broke the law you faced prosecution.

If I were Trump or Sessions, I would have grand juries investigating Huma Abedin, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice for mishandling classified materials. Hillary's email server had essentially no cyber security and over 100 pieces of classified information on it. That's 100 felony counts on the public record. I also would have grand juries investigating John Koskinen and Lois Lerner for obstruction of justice at the IRS. The leading cause of PC hard drive crashes is not subpoenas anywhere besides the IRS. There are obviously other people, like the guy who deleted 30,000 pieces of email while they were under Congressional subpoena, that need to be investigated. All of these prosecutions can be handled by main Justice career prosecutors. I don't understand why this isn't happening. These folks actually WERE criminals.

Face the fact that progressives are like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, sentence first, trial afterwards. There's nothing to be gained by going easy on the previous administration. We lose every news cycle that fake crimes of meeting Russians are on the air instead of the real crimes of abuse of power in the Obama Administration.

I know Obama and the Clintons are untouchable Liberal Saints. There will be a lot of flack if we start prosecuting their minions. To solve that problem, give Barry the Brilliant and Michelle the Magnificent blanket pardons for all offenses during Obama's 2 terms. Offer Hill and Bill immunity from prosecution in return for testimony against their lackeys. We don't need to convict any of them. If we have a high enough number of minion indictments and convictions, their legacies and political influence will be reduced to ashes.

If Sessions is indicting Democrats, it's bound to improve Trump's mood. Right now he's getting pummelled and not hitting back at all. Trump is media savvy enough to know he' losing. His people who quantitatively analyse social media are probably telling him he's losing, which is why he's so angry. Indicting Democrats will change the subject.

In military strategy, you concentrate your strength against your opponent's weakness. Our strength is the rule of law. Democrats' weakness is lots of minions guilty of real crimes. Let's convict those minions for their real crimes . It's time to remove leftist impunity before the next Democrat Administration starts to take advantage of it.

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