Picture 2

Picture 2

Jul 2, 2017

Five Groups of Clinton Voters

It's fashionable in liberal circles to categorize Trump voters into several insulting and demeaning catagorios. I'm a computer guy, so I need more precise groups to insult and demean. 

My assumption with Clinton voters is that they come in five somtimes overlapping categories: 1. Some are voting their identities, so Hillary's poor performance in office doesn't matter. 2. Some are technologically ignorant, so they don't understand how easy it is to hack an email server like Hillary's with no certificate to encrypt internet traffic, no specialized anti-virus software beyond the basics from Microsoft, and no encryption of the files or emails. 3.People on government payrolls or with government contracts who depend on ever increasing domestic spending for their livelyhood. 4. Clinton foundation donors. 5. People dumb enough to believe the government really will try to help the needy rather than help themselves to taxpayer dollars. None of these people seem to notice that progressives waste money paying themselves salaries for good works that unfortunately are not shovel ready right now, but will be soon at a slight cost overrun.

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