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Picture 2

Jul 6, 2017

Trump Fights the Chicago Way

Open letter to Never Trump Diehards

What's at stake here is whether the Constitution means what it says. If the left wins, the Constitution, and the law, mean whatever the progressives want it to mean at the moment. The rule of law will be replaced by a dictatorship of regulatory agencies staffed with progressive "experts." The consent of the governed will not be required because progressives believe the people are too stupid and ignorant to give informed consent. This is what the 2016 election was all about. This is what we're fighting about now.

I understand you didn't believe Trump would be an improvement. I had my doubts too. But now we know he is a big improvement over Obama and whatever policy Hillary Clinton might have decided would benefit her, personally, the most. Trump recently opened the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for drilling with no opposition! He dropped the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan, showing he has no stupid rules of engagement.

This is not the time to become picky on style. The Pravda Press has been calling conservatives things like Nazis, fascists and racists for years with no basis in fact and no fear of retaliation. They lately accused Trump of treason and incest without any credible evidence. I don't blame him for counter attacks on twitter. Enough is enough. Being better than they are brought us to losing to Obama twice.

Obama ran a completely outlaw regime that showed every hole in the Constitution progressives could exploit. They were very close to irreversible damage. We can't afford to be nice guys any more. We're fighting Capone, the Chicago way.

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