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Jul 2, 2017

Rude Self Defense Tweets Upset Liberal Journalists

When people on TV can call you Hitler with no foundation of at least 100 deaths or 25 calls for genocide, you have a right to self defense. In previous times, it was assumed that Republicans would be polite when responding to childish attacks. I think it's safe to assume that Republicans are tired of being nice. Personally, I accused a liberal of having the intelligence of a 6 year old for saying Jared Kuchner had committed treason based on alleged meetings with Russians, with no admissible evidence that the meetings occurred and of what was discussed. He called me impolite. I told him that when you accuse somebody of treason without evidence, saying "where there's smoke, there's fire," THAT was impolite, so the time for niceties was over.

I think liberals expect a double standard which used to be routine, to continue. However, since they are going to call a man with an Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, a Jewish (converted) daughter, and two Jewish grandchildren, Hitler, polite has left the building. The Marquis of Queensburys Rules no longer apply. Trump is justified, in my opinion, in throwing whatever filth he wants in self defense, using twitter or whatever else he feels like using. We know his methods of retaliation are unacceptable to the polled public. We'll see if it makes any difference in a real, unrigged election in 2018. In my opinion, the blows must be landing because the media talking heads are complaining the tweets are unfair. Well, so was their initial criticism. Surprise! Surprise! Politics ain't bean bag, it's a contact sport.

Recently, the left called Trump's twitter attacks on journalists, unpresidential.  Calls for civility from the left usually indicate blows from the right are causing pain. To reverse Clauswitz, politics is war by other means. The "liberal" goal is to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States by unconstitutional means. I think stopping that effort doesn't require restrained fair play or good manners. It involves fighting mud with mud, no holds barred. I don't care that liberals think my argument has no validity. I think the left's objective is closer to treason than business meetings with random Russians. I took an oath to defend the Constitution when I joined the US Air Force in 1972. Regardless of whether anyone loves or hates Trump, he was elected in 2016. Crude efforts to nullify the election deserve equally crude answers. "Liberals" no longer get to fix the rules so they win no matter what. They should get used to losing, unless they have the votes to win elections.

I believe the Pravda Press thinks themselves above the fray, even though they are the press outlet of the left. They think that they can make any allegations with no basis in fact and suffer no consequences. Under libel laws, they're correct. But as news commentators, they too are public figures. Trump can tweet any outlandish baseless allegations about them with no fear of legal consequences also. Trump's ungentlemanly idea is tit for tat retaliation. It doesn't have to be proportional response. The left wants to remove Trump from office by whatever means necessary. That means the return verbal fire will be equally unrestrained. Why is that hard to understand?  The left never plays fair, so why should their opponents play fair?

Liberals should remember that everything they do creates a precedent for conservatives. If liberals remove a duly elected president for being rude, any flimsy excuse can be used to remove a duly elected liberal president in the future. You can only break the Constitution once. Once it's broken, all the Smartest Horses and all the Smartest (your choice of 23 pronouns here) ain't going to be able to use crazy glue to put it back together.

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