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Dec 16, 2017

Better Alternatives to Net Neutrality

Net neutrality was the wrong solution.  It just added more government regulations to solve a problem caused by government regulations.  The solution should be to remove the regulations that grant ISP's monopolies free from competition.

ISP's monopoly power comes from control of the "last mile" that connects to your house.  Local governments, like the village I live in, grant exclusive rights to a single ISP.  Nobody else can string coax or fiber in the local government's area.  Congress can outlaw this practice because it's local governments interfering with interstate commerce.

There's also a lot of reserved TV spectrum that could be used for super wifi.  Local TV spectrum is reserved for TV whether it's used or not.  In smaller markets, with only a few TV stations, there is a whole lot of idle spectrum that could be reallocated to provide broadband Internet over the air.  The spectrum could be auctioned off to raise revenue for the Feds.  In low density rural areas, this might be the only way to provide high speed internet.