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Benghazi Stinks

Liberals' Contempt for Truth, Law and Responsibility

The 16 member Army Special Forces team assigned to protect State Department personnel in Libya plus a six-member State Department elite force called a Mobile Security Deployment team followed orders and left Libya in August, 2012.  This was about a month before the attack.


Hillary Defenders' Very Poor Case on Benghazi

I'm sure everyone would want to serve under a commander who reacts to your requests for beefed up security by cutting security. You also would like a commander who sleeps through your call for support while the enemy is not only on the wire, but inside the compound. 


Hillary's Record on Benghazi Stinks

What difference, at this point, does it make?  Hillary’s book assures us that she bore no accountability for Benghazi because the cables requesting more security for Libya didn’t land on her desk.  She also still maintains that nobody could have known about the attack in advance.  


Why No Effort to Support Benghazi?

The part of the Benghazi debacle that really bothers me is during the attack. As far as I can tell, absolutely no military effort was made to support our people under attack.


3 AM Phone Call Unanswered

Liberals are fond of recalling how presidential our Smartest President Ever was during the Bin Laden raid.  Bin Laden was a photo op for an operation we planned and scheduled ourselves. 

Obama Administration Alzheimer's

So many scandals, so little time. 


Benghazi: People Died, Obama Lied

People died.  Obama lied.  Liberals want to talk about anything but the basic facts.  However, neither George Bush nor global warming was involved.  


Why No Help for Benghazi Consulate?

 Here are a couple of timelines published about the Benghazi attack:

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