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US is Losing the Rule of Law

This page has links to my past posts on the rule of law.  The basic idea of the rule of law is that the law is written down, everyone knows what it means and everyone can base their actions on their understanding of the law.  It's my observation that the United States is gradually losing the rule of law.

Gay marriage decision raises fear not by the outcome, but by the arbitrary way it was decided. 7/12/15

I propose an amendment to give a majority of states the right to "ratify" a Supreme Court
 dissenting opinion.  6/28/15
 Senator Cotton's open letter to Iran raises Constitutional questions. 3/23/15

Media says Congress must fund Obama's pen and phone Dreamer program. 3/1/15
The Supreme Court's job is to rule what the law is, not what it would like the law to be.  1/17/15

How we are wandering away from the rule of law.  9/18/14

Obamacare’s contraception mandate is in conflict with freedom of religion.  Buy your own, 
 it’s cheap. 7/10/14

Congressional Democrats actually proposed a Constitutional Amendment to control who can buy political ads.  6/15/14

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