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Pinky and The Brain Use Global Warming

This is a collection of links to my comments on global warming.  I’m leading with my most popular post on the subject.  I guess there are a lot of fans of Pinky and the Brain.  When dealing with liberal zealots pushing climate change, I use whatever memory I’ve got, digging holes for rose bushes in Missoula, Montana, Leif Ericson’s voyages, the computational complexity of weather prediction, a visit to Exit Glacier, Alaska, or the accuracy of mercury thermometers.  If anything else comes to mind, I’ll use it.  Here are my posts on the global warming scam.
Leif Ericson Says Global Warming is Malarkey My Personal Exposure to Paleoclimatology and Global Warming
My High Hopes For Global Warming Have Been Crushed
Does Man Made Global Warming Ignore Science?
Intellectual Roller Derby
Settled Science = Oxymoron
Climate Change, Statistical Folly
Global Warming: No Feasible Liberal Way Out

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